9 healthy foods So close that many people overlook

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healthy food that many people think of is food that is expensive and hard to find Today, we choose healthy food that is easy to find, close to us, the kind that you might find when you open the refrigerator in the house right now. Let’s see what’s there. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

1. Chicken eggs

healthy food The easiest and cheapest to find is “chicken eggs” and did you know that in 1 chicken egg there are many benefits that are good for the body? both proteins that build and repair muscles for the body There are also nutrients that help nourish nails and hair from falling off easily. Helps nourish the brain, nourish the eyes, reduce the risk of heart disease. Help reduce and control weight. because there are few calories but full for a long time In addition, just hard-boiled into a hard-boiled egg. It can be mixed with other foods. A variety of dishes such as vegetable salads, sandwiches

2. Whole wheat bread with whole grains

Whole wheat bread mixed with grains is classified as healthy food that can be bought easily The advantage of this type of bread is make you feel full for a long time Because it’s high in fiber and also get nutrients from different types of grains in the bread Anyone who can bake can add different types of grains, such as sunflower seeds, oats, and wheat. That is, it can be eaten without applying anything. Or eat with boiled eggs, avocado or drizzle with a little honey. It can be said that it is a healthy diet that is extremely easy to make. Suitable for people who don’t like to cook a lot.

3. Brown rice

For people who like to eat rice but are also concerned about their health, “Brown Rice” is an alternative. Healthy food that is interesting because it is unpolished rice. or scrub only once Therefore, there are still vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber left in the rice grain coat. and 3 times more than white rice

Eating brown rice regularly It will help prevent beriberi. Helps the functioning of the nervous system and muscles Helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Helps prevent canker sores Dietary fiber in brown rice also prevents constipation. and reduce the risk of colon cancer for people who lose weight The more you have to eat brown rice because it makes you feel full for a long time. Doesn’t cause frequent hunger and is also good for excretion. Just switch from white rice to brown rice. We can now add healthy food to our table.

4. Cereals

For people who like to eat snacks but don’t want to destroy their health, “cereal” is healthy food. that answers this question exactly to the point Because many grains help in weight control. Reduce cravings for sweets because the body has chewed and also fills the stomach Recommended grains include peanuts, almonds. Sunflower seeds or oats, which are very easy to find. and easy to carry Takeaway as a snack or can be eaten with yogurt

5. Avocado

In the past, healthy food like avocado It can be rare and expensive. because it has to be imported from abroad But today we can buy avocados from supermarkets to flea markets. Plus, it’s cheaper. because it can be planted in the country The benefit of avocado is that it is full of healthy nutrients. Contains antioxidants that help protect the degeneration of various cells within the body, nourish eyesight, help lose weight. And although avocados are fat-rich foods. But the fat in avocados is a good fatty acid (HDL) and also helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) in blood vessels as well. In addition, avocados are proteins that are easily digestible. high in dietary fiber thus helping to excrete very well

The method of cooking avocados is simple. That is, the ripe fruit can be cut and eaten from the fruit straight away. or cut into thin pieces Sandwiches Or mash up the avocado to spread on bread instead of butter.

6. Guava

Thai people and fruit carts almost go hand in hand. And which fruit cart must have a foreigner as a popular product? because of the commonality of foreigners may cause many people to overlook but would like to say that westerners are healthy food It contains 5 times more vitamin C than oranges, less sugar, and high fiber. It helps in matters of skin. Reduces the craving for eating little by little maintain blood sugar levels thus reducing the risk of diabetes as well

7. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a healthy food. that is very easy to find or whose house has an area that wants to try to grow it themselves, it’s still easy to grow as well Pumpkin is not only rich in many nutrients and vitamins. but also very low in calories It also contains dietary fiber or fiber, which helps reduce appetite. Eat and feel full for a long time. People who want to lose weight can eat pumpkin without fear of getting fat. Cooking from pumpkin is not difficult. Because pumpkin is a vegetable that is easily cooked. Just boiled or steamed, it can be eaten instead of rice as well. will be used to make pumpkin soup or eat with other grains It can add deliciousness to many menus.

8. Honey

For those who like sweet taste but are concerned about their health, “Honey” is a healthy food. that adds sweetness to the menu Can replace sugar It has properties that help increase freshness to the body, help slow down aging, nourish the skin to be radiant and bright. Looks hydrated and natural. Many people often use honey to mask their faces to make their faces soft and moist.

In addition, honey also has anti-inflammatory effects. Reduce inflammation or infection of wounds If you have a sore throat, you can also mix honey with warm water or lemon to soothe your throat. And honey is often part of the dining table of health lovers. because it can be eaten with avocados or whole wheat bread Helps add delicious flavor to healthy menus, not too bland

9. Sprouts

Finally, healthy food who believes that there will be many people who just hear it and cry Which is very poor But the nutrients in bean sprouts are so many that you can’t count them on your fingers. both antioxidants strengthen the body Prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. Because bean sprouts are high in calcium. Contributes to increasing bone density It is also a vegetable that is very easy to digest. It is good for the digestive system and excretion. The important thing is that bean sprouts are a healthy food that we can grow by ourselves. Many people may be unsure of the bean sprouts they buy in the market. You can buy mung bean seeds to plant yourself. And bean sprouts are also easy to cook in many dishes, such as stir-fried bean sprouts, stir-fried bean sprouts with eggs.

It can be seen that healthy food is not something that is hard to find. And each of them can be combined together into many different menus. If today you are another person who cares about strengthening your own immunity from the inside. Don’t forget to look for food near these houses to eat together.