9 pregnancy symptoms in the first 3 months that new mothers should know

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For mothers who have been pregnant before, they know the symptoms. That is a sign that indicates pregnancy very well or some people have already been pregnant. You may not be familiar with it yet. pregnancy symptoms It’s also possible. Therefore, today we have brought 9 symptoms of pregnancy in the first stage or the first 3 months to share with new mothers. Including mothers who are not familiar with the symptoms of pregnancy in the first period, please share with us. สมัคร ufabet

1. Missing menstruation
It begins when the mother is pregnant. There will be symptoms of missing menstruation. Therefore, if the mother keeps a record of her menstrual cycle, it will be easy to observe. If the mother’s period is missed for more than 10 days, she can notice changes in her body. However, missed periods can occur if the body is stressed. Take birth control pills or some kind of disease

2.Breast tenderness
during the first period of pregnancy Hormones in the body will begin to change. It is a hormone that comes from the placenta and ovaries. As a result, the breasts of the mother-to-be are enlarged. and there is engorgement in the breast The nipple or areola will be enlarged and darker in color.

3. Bleed a little.
During the first 3 months of pregnancy, the mother may experience light bleeding similar to menstruation. which is the so-called blood Blood washes over child’s face Caused by changes in the uterus This is because the embryo implants in the endometrium. Therefore causing a little bleeding. The color of the blood can be pink or light red. But there will be no cramps or cramps in the stomach.

4. have symptoms of fatigue
Fatigue occurs very easily when a mother becomes pregnant. This is because the body begins to experience changes in the hormone progesterone. Therefore causing the body to burn more energy than normal to feed the fetus.

5. Bloating and constipation
This is because the hormone progesterone increases at the beginning of pregnancy. That is part of why mothers have bloating and constipation. Often there will be abdominal discomfort. Because the hormone progesterone affects the digestive system. In addition, the expansion of the uterus causes it to press against the large intestine. It affects the peristalsis of the intestines. Can cause stomach discomfort as well.

6. Mood swings
When do hormones change? It will inevitably affect the body and emotions. Therefore, it is not strange to see pregnant mothers having mood swings easily. Many times he was more sensitive than usual.

7. Frequent urination
During the first three months of pregnancy, the uterus expands to accommodate the fetus. Therefore causing more blood to flow to the uterine area. This process will cause the mother’s body to have more fluid. Plus the uterus expands until it presses on the bladder. As a result, pregnant mothers experience frequent urination.

8. Low fever:
The body of a pregnant mother will have a higher body temperature than normal. Because the body has undergone many changes. In addition, the body must create more blood to feed the baby. to make the breast expand and to create new tissue Therefore, during the first 3 months of pregnancy, the mother will have a low-grade fever. Therefore, it is considered a normal thing that can happen all the time.

9. Sensitive to smell
: You can notice that pregnant mothers will have morning sickness. Especially when pregnant The mother will be sensitive to smells. Sometimes it’s a scent that I used to like. It may become a smell that you don’t like at all. Some people may even smell their husband’s odor.

For new mothers who are wondering how they can spot pregnancy symptoms in the early stages. It is recommended that you pay close attention to the 9 symptoms above because these symptoms are considered symptoms that occur frequently during the early stages of pregnancy.