Caring for children to be ready for the changes of adolescence.

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Changes in adolescence is the development when children begin to enter adolescence. This is because the hormones in the body change. Resulting in changes in body, thoughts, feelings, mind, and behavior when socializing. This is considered an important age transition. and should receive proper care and attention from parents

Parents can take care of their children who are starting to change into adolescence in the following ways: UFABET 

Communication with teenagers

Parents should always observe and ask if their child has any discomfort or stress, such as school, friends, and love. If your child has any doubts or problems caused by the changes in adolescence. You should listen to your child’s opinions willingly and calmly. Do not force or expect your child to tell stories. Listen carefully and give opinions, trying to understand your child’s point of view.

Talk about how teenagers spend their time.

Set a time when family members can talk and do activities together, such as cooking and eating dinner together. Help each other out with housework or go exercise together on holidays.

However, give your child some time alone or go out with friends. By having your child tell you where to go. and the time to return before the child leaves the house and should respect personal space  Don’t go and search your child’s bedroom. or viewing the use of your child’s phone and computer without permission

Encourage them to do activities they like.

Every teenager has different interests. Parents should encourage their children to do useful activities, such as joining clubs at school. Take special classes in additional interests. It could be academics or other areas such as music, sports, singing ,  dancing, or cooking, and praise when your child does things well.