How to prevent melasma in daily life

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How to prevent melasma in daily life

Avoiding direct sun exposure is one of the most effective ways to prevent melasma in your daily life. Because ultraviolet rays, both UVA (UVA), UVB (UVB) or visible light (Visible Light) may stimulate the melanin production process to increase and cause fog.

Sunscreen should be applied before leaving the house. Before going to a location expose to direct sunlight. to prevent the skin from being damage and darkened By choosing a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, this SPF number will value indicating how effective the cream is in protecting the skin from the sun. Including having physical sun protection as a component such as Titanium Dioxide (Titanium Dioxide) or Zinc Oxide (Zinc Oxide). Which effectively reflects ultraviolet rays that come from the skin. During the day, you should choose one that contains these sunscreens as well. In order to protect the skin from the sun in the body by UFABET.

Wearing sunscreen or choosing products that contain sunscreen may not be enough to protect against harsh sunlight. When the sun is strong, there should another layer of protection when exposed to strong sunlight directly on the face. Such as using an umbrella, wearing a hat or wearing clothing that completely covers the skin.

How To Effectively Treat Melasma And Prevent Melasma

Melasma is a common skin problem. Causing many people to lose confidence when blemishes occur, especially girls, preventing and understanding how to properly treat blemishes will help the skin return to its normal state as closely as possible.

How does a blemish happen?

Melasma is caused by skin cells producing more pigment or melanin (Melanin) than normal, causing blemishes to appear. Original process Pigmentation is caused by melanocyte skin cells. (Melanocytes) in this type of cells, there are many substances as components. One of them is Tyrosinase, an enzyme that transforms skin cells into pigment.   

But due to some causes and factors, it may encourage melanin to be created more and may cause blemishes. The severity of melanin formation may occur at various levels. From dark brown to gray patches on the skin. For this reason, one of the effective treatments for melasma requires agents. That inhibit tyrosinase enzymes in the mechanism of melanin production.

Although at present doctors and scientists are still unable to determine the exact cause of melasma. But it is known that there are many factors that may increase the production of abnormally high pigmentation, for example:

  • Sunlight and UV rays because it causes melanocyte skin cells to function abnormally. This may also have an effect on the increased tyrosinase content. Where blemishes occur are usually areas exposed to the sun, such as cheekbones, above the lips, forehead or chin.
  • Age and sex. Melasma usually begins to appear in people between the ages of 30‒40 and is more common in women than men.
  • Skin color: Dark skinned people are more prone to blemishes than white people.
  • Hormone-related conditions such as thyroid disease, estrogen and progesterone in the body, and use of other forms of hormones such as birth control pills, pregnancy, hormone therapy

Using the right skin care products

The severity of melasma can occur at various levels and can be caused by many factors. Taking care of your skin with the right skin care products can play a part in minimizing the risk of melasma and may even help it look and feel less melasma. stimulate pigmentation which causes melasma

Second, choose skin care products that do not harm the skin and do not contain irritants. Third, choose products that moisturize the skin. Such as hyaluronic acid (Hyaluronic Acid). Because moisture in the proper skin layer may less prone to skin problems than skin that lacks moisture.

In addition to using skin care products. Using sunscreen is absolutely essential in treating and reducing the appearance of blemishes. Because UV rays from the sun are one of the main triggers for this skin problem. It is important to apply a suitable SPF sunscreen. Before going out in the sun on a regular basis. Varies for each user. If you have severe blemishes or have other skin diseases Consult your doctor before using skin care products.