What are the ways to achieve meditation?

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There are many methods of meditation or relaxation methods that include meditation as an ingredient. Every method has the aim of creating peace and tranquility within the mind health.

There are many ways to achieve meditation, including:UFABET 

How to meditate with imagery (Guided Meditation) or creating imagery. (Visualization) is a way to let the practitioner imagine a situation or situation that causes relaxation. It may use various sensory stimulations. Such as smell, sight, touch and sound effects. There may be an instructor or someone with expertise leading the practice.

Mantra meditation therapy is a method for the practitioner to recite mantras, phrases, or words repeatedly. As if to prevent distracting or distracting thoughts and cause meditation.

Mindfulness is a method of practicing meditation to create mindfulness. or being aware and living in the present moment. The practitioner will train himself to be mindful or fully aware. By observing and concentrating on various physical symptoms that occur during. Such as the breath passing through the tip of the nose. Including thoughts and emotions By being impartial Just acknowledge and let go.

Qigong is a Chinese practice method that has been passed down for a long time. It is a training method that combines, relaxation, and body movement, breathing together. The aim is to maintain and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Tai chi , Chinese martial art. It is a practice of postures with slow, gentle and graceful movements along with breathing exercises.