What is clean food? Why eat healthy

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Clean food is food made to meet the needs of those who love health. or in the process of dieting and exercising to lose weight It is an application to bring fresh food that is beneficial to the body. let’s cook together with minimal seasoning Until becoming a new menu that can be eaten without fear of getting fat and making the benefits of clean food a lot ยูฟ่าเบท

Some people may misunderstand that A clean diet is about eating a lot of vegetables, but actually, a clean diet is not a diet that focuses on eating only vegetables. But it is a food menu that has the right nutrient ratio, including protein, carbohydrates, reducing the use of oil in cooking. including the meat used It is used as meat that has not undergone any synthetic processing.

Because processed food often contains substances that negatively affect the body, including sugar, sodium, preservatives, which lead to health problems, obesity and reduce the efficiency of the body’s immune system, etc.

Benefits of clean food, good like this, can’t eat anymore.

  • Key nutrients in clean food
  • Benefits of clean food
    1. strengthen the body
    2. lose weight
    3. help you feel better
    4. make sleep better
    5. Help promote good health in the long run.

key nutrients in the clean menu

  • Protein, the main clean food Choose a source of protein from chicken, fish and eggs. But will use grilling or still instead.
  • Carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates such as riceberry rice and brown rice. If it’s bread, it’s whole wheat bread.
    These types of carbohydrates have a slower conversion process from starch to sugar. Helps control blood sugar levels well. And has a lot of dietary fiber, making you feel full longer than rice or refined bread
  • Fats: Choose good fats that are beneficial to your body, such as olive oil and canola oil. Or it is getting fat from meat, fish and nuts.
  • sodium in clean food We use as little seasoning as possible. to control the amount of sodium that the body will receive Therefore, the meat and raw materials used in cooking are selected to use fresh products. Because the food and food processed through various methods are often high in sodium

Benefits of clean food. How good is eating clean food?

1. Help strengthen the body.

eating clean food will help the body get enough useful nutrients in bringing nourishment to various organs complete the functioning of the body have more healthy suitable for people with inappropriate eating habits Eat only unhealthy food which is the main cause of illness from various diseases

usually in daily life Most people consume more carbohydrates and fat than their body needs. and eat less protein Clean food is another option that helps control the proportion of nutrients that we should receive each day very well.

2. It helps to lose weight effectively.

To lose weight, do not forget that Diet is a key factor in weight loss. And because clean food comes with ingredients in the meal. which are all things that are beneficial to the body If you eat regularly It will make your shape proportional. Lose weight according to the goals set Because in clean food, it does not use or use very little oil in cooking. and have other nutrients that fits the needs of the body

3. to help you feel better

Notice that those who eat clean food There will be a feeling that has changed from the original. After eating for a while, you will feel more confident about eating. and not worrying that eating here and there will make you fat make you feel refreshed not easily stressed and helps create emotional balance as well

The food we eat and our emotions are directly related. 

4. Helps to sleep better.

People who have trouble falling asleep or can’t sleep Try changing to eating clean foods regularly. You will find changes for the better. Because nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in clean food. It will help the body to regulate hormone levels normally. especially when it’s time to sleep It will make you sleep more easily.

5. Help promote good health in the long term.

Starting a clean diet early in your youth will help your body stay healthy in the long run. because the nutrients that are essential to the body in clean food will help balance and repair worn parts all the time when you get older you will still be strong And not often sick, sure enough.